Website Design

The best for you


Drawing on a richness of traditional graphic design expertise and founded on totally up to speed digital highway skills, Steve Perry Creative will design the absolutely best interface (UI) and user experience (UX) for your new website.

When people visit your site they want to find what they are looking for quickly and clearly, no matter whether they’re using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop device.

The potential to gain customers through the web is vast. Clean grid systems, consistent colour palettes and a user-friendly interface based around your branding will ensure that visitors are well satisfied, with minimum fuss and maximum impact.

Every website from Steve Perry is of bespoke design – just right for you and only you. You’ll benefit from a user-centred solution that draws on the latest design technology and sets you apart.

So get in touch. Steve will offer jargon free advice on your current site and explain the digital future.

Website Development

Engineered from the start

HTML/CSS, wide ranging server-side and client-side technologies, custom WordPress CMS and Magento eCommerce websites – all hand-coded from scratch, with a devotion to provide the best possible technical solution.

Increasingly, Steve Perry Creative joins forces with other designers and agencies, as well as working directly with clients. Often this coacting is for website development only, but it can be from a blank canvas all the way through to the successful upload.

Websites from Steve Perry are hand-coded: no use is made of pre-built templates. You are assured of a completely exclusive product, individually engineered from the start and free from clutter.

All websites in progress have off-site backups and Git version control as standard. This makes trying out new features and processes safe, without affecting the working code-base. Private staging servers are used throughout the development, so you can always see the status of the build and explore new features as they are implemented. It’s a completely transparent way of working.

Steve’s projects include use of Chrome DevTools, Sass and Compass CSS pre-compilers, HTML/CSS/JS validation tools, RequireJs, Grunt, style minification, script concatenation, various image optimisation tools, plus much more besides. Some clients provide Adobe Illustrator, InDesign or other graphics files as the starting point: more often it’s a straightforward verbal or written brief.

Whatever you might have in mind, get in touch with Steve now and chat about turning thoughts into reality.


Magento Design & Development

Ready to start selling online

Wiggle Tee

Nearly half a million merchants worldwide put their trust in Magento eCommerce software and it is a solution of choice at Steve Perry Creative.

Magento has all the enterprise-class features and flexibility needed to create e-commerce websites tailored to the different needs of every client. Always, the plan is to help clients drive more traffic to their offerings, convert browsers and boost online revenue.

Steve Perry works mainly with Magento’s Community Edition, or CE, perfect for making full use of the flexibility of the Magento platform and building bespoke sites. The core code can be modified to suit by installing extensions that add features and functionality.

It helps build online shops that are safe, secure and ready to start selling.

WordPress Design & Development

Customised completely

WordPress started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance aspects of typography. Since then, it has grown to be the largest blogging tool in the world, used on millions of websites and seen by tens of millions of people every day. Importantly, it is far more than just a blogging system.

Today’s WordPress has evolved so that it can be used as a full website management system that can be customised completely. Mature and stable, it is adopted extensively at Steve Perry Creative.

There is no a licence fee. Moreover, once the site is built it can be managed and updated easily by owners, without needing to know how it works. It also solves automatically innumerable search engine optimisation issues: Google says so.

The WordPress plug-in architecture allows its features to be extended – and how. With a database of well over 30,000 plug-ins, each of which offers custom functions and features, every site can be tailored to clients’ specific needs.


HTML : CSS : SASS : JavaScript : PHP

Talking the same language


Anyone who works with websites will know all about standard Hyper Text Markup Language and Cascading Style Sheets – abbreviated to HTML and CSS. They’ll be just as familiar with dynamic programming language JavaScript and the PHP pre-processing tools.

At Steve Perry Creative, Sass scripting language technology is employed for the CSS. Sass can claim to be the most mature, stable and powerful professional-grade extension language available to developers.

Sass boasts more features and capability than any other CSS extension language out there. It even lets you use elements that go beyond CSS, such as variables, nesting, mixins and selector inheritance.

Putting it simply, Sass is far faster and cleverer to work with. It’s Steve Perry’s clients who reap the real rewards.

Technology & Change

Building for the future

In this world of rapidly changing technology and rampant obsolescence, it is vitally important that your website is designed and engineered for the future, not just for today. Otherwise, your investment will be wasted.

Not so long ago websites were created for viewing on desktop computers and laptops. Now, smartphones and tablets are the devices of choice. More people look at websites on their phones than use computers. And so your site must perform across all systems, equally well. If yours does not work in this cross-platform way your customers will go elsewhere.

“95% of all UK purchases are influenced by online activity. Consumers use mobile-based price comparisons while they are actually in bricks and mortar stores.”

– John Lunn, Director of Innovation, PayPal.

At Steve Perry Creative there is a mobile-first approach to website design and development.

For example, instead of merely reducing your site to fit on to the smaller screen, thought is given to how the mobile user interacts with his or her device. The list includes buttons to accommodate finger tapping rather than mouse clicks, easily reached contact information, a simple add to address book feature, integrated in-store check-ins … and so on.

Smartphone customers expect a different experience than when using their desktop machines. That’s what you need to give them.


Performance Matters

They won’t wait for you


Design for design’s sake? Covered in drop shadows, lovely gradients and big, fancy graphics? If users can’t get to what they want quickly on your website they will desert you for a rival. Every site should be built with performance in mind.

Design decisions must be considered carefully for their impact on speed of loading. Avoiding greedy graphical treatments and adopting a simpler approach can improve paint-time dramatically.

Paint-time is how long it takes website visitors to render the web page view: in other words, to see the content of your page. They are impatient, make no mistake. They won’t be bothered to wait for you. Not only that, but sites laden down with big files increase network bandwidth and use up mobile data. It is in your interests to cut back on paint-time delay.

There are other factors. Websites gain performance by using minified stylesheets; combining JavaScript files; reducing components to limit time-taking http requests; optimising images; compressing data; and smart-loading scripts. Each of these techniques can help give your site the edge over those of your competitors.

Contact Steve to talk about how your website could be streamlined.

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